Awaken and resolve emotional clutter and suffering by unlocking the wisdom of your heart. 

Your physical and emotional pain is an opportunity for your deep transformational healing.

Removing core cellular trauma removes disease and disharmony that often comes from resistance. A private  or group session restores balance and harmony. This sacred process releases emotions that underlie physical pain and I address the core reason why these blocks exist.

This process of Sacred Surrender identifies, dissolves and releases cellular core  memory of disease and stored emotions that underlie unresolved beliefs. 

Here are examples of what others & myself have experienced:

  • Physical ailments of the body's manifestations of unresolved fear, anger, guilt, and rejection are dissolved. 
  • Core emotional childhood blocks are identified and released from life long patterns.
  • Spousal abuse, incest, molestation, and rape fragments are recovered and balanced with ease and grace.
  • Grief from miscarriages and loss of loved ones is resolved.
  • Family childhood traumas with a direct relationship to the emotional clutter we carry throughout our life are forgiven.

No matter what you are going through, I will lovingly guide you through layers of consciousness, facilitating integration on multiple levels of your being.  Whatever you desire to heal will present itself & it can be transformed, forgiven and resolved as we work together.

If you are ready to create positive life change for body, mind, spirit, contact me today.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Your Trusted Source for Personal Enrichment,


Private Telephone and In-Person Healing Sessions Are Available:  Call for Details &  Pricing

If you are interested in a Group Healing Session, please call or email me for pricing.

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KaLaur provides spiritual-energetic healing services for body, mind, and spirit. These services are provided with the intention of fully supporting the individual in their process of becoming whole and naturally healthy.
KaLaur is not a licensed medical practice, and does not seek to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. All references herein and in all promotional materials thereof to "dis-ease" are used with the holistic understanding of the whole person as a system of energetic balance on all levels, and do NOT imply the practice of biomedicine or the interaction of the practitioner with any medically recognized disease. The role of the healer/practitioner is to hold space for you to spontaneously return to full health. If and when you spontaneously and miraculously release a disease, allergy, situation, trauma, or condition, that is YOUR healing, YOUR victory --- you are responsible for the healing you just created, hand-in-hand with Source.
Energy healing is a spiritual, not a material science, and no claims or results are guaranteed. KaLaur helps YOU co-
create miracles FOR YOURSELF with God/Source/Divine Light. Use of healing services is at your own risk, and by receiving these healing services you agree to take full and complete responsibility for your own healing process, and to indemnify and legally hold the practitioner (Kathleen Marie) harmless within the scope of her practice. Kathleen Marie always practices with informed consent and makes every attempt, wherever necessary, to gather information about your pre-existing medical condition(s), if those would in any way interfere with a healing session.
KaLaur strongly encourages you to seek health advice from a wide variety of professionals in both licensed and unlicensed fields of expertise, following your inner guidance and truth. Spiritual Healing is the core of life, but it is not to be confused with a good diet, exercise, herbs, and other forms of natural approaches to health. We wish you well on your path of healing and honor your process in whatever forms it may manifest for you

Kathleen Reffett, Energy Practitioner

Healing Sessions