Kathleen Reffett, Energy Practitioner
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Unlock the Wisdom of Your Heart

If you are ready to experience a life change, you've come to the right place.  As an Energy Practitioner who is a naturally gifted intuitive, medium & clairvoyant.  I offer Transformational Healing, Spiritual Readings and Holistic Nutritional Counseling.


To provide you with some background on who I am and the work that I do, I have created focus and direction for all who seek counsel by providing insight into the areas of personal direction and grief recovery.  I share my intuitive gifts with people from around the world by interpreting the impressions revealed to me by spirit.  I then pass this information onto my clients, who are often astounded by my style.

After suffering an acute brain trauma, an opening was created, which facilitated my higher realms of consciousness.
I am a Soul Survivor. 

I focus on helping people develop an understanding of what is happening to them and how they can take positive steps to improve their lives.  Perhaps my strongest gifts and expertise is my ability to help release the emotions that underlie physical and emotional pain.

I use a multifaceted approach, which includes non intrusive energy healing, sound therapy, guided intuitive visual techniques and breath work for emotional release to give you a visceral experience.

The sessions are powerful and profound, allowing your consciousness to expand, reconnect, and reintegrate to your highest Divine potential.

I invite you to transform the roots of your Emotional Suffering into an AWAKENED reality of FREEDOM.


I look forward to working with you on your journey.