You can enhance your body, mind and spirit by growing sprouts.  They will give you maximum nutrition.   You will absolutely feel great.

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Kathleen Reffett, Energy Practitioner

Holistic Nutritional Support
Re-Energize.  Rejuvenate.  Revitalize.

Sprouts provide a wealth of nutrition in a small package.
Lose Weight, Gain Strength &
Supercharge Your Life

My main focus with nutritional support is to ultimately achieve & maintain balance within your body. I use a raw simplistic whole foods approach to regain your natural rhythms and gain optimal health and radiance.

Using simple techniques and theories of plant based food, I will passionately support you on your journey -- whether it be to lose weight, gain strength & energy, supercharge your brain & your body or all of the above! 

One of the techniques I use is holistic raw food blending.  The general idea is that blending foods with a high quality blender micronizes phytochemicals to be more easily absorbed, enhancing maximum nutrition.  High power blended smoothies will supercharge your body with energy & high dense nutrition. Another way to boost your physical health is to consume  raw natural organic sprouts and wheatgrass.  Organic sprouts contain vast amounts of protein and nutrients easily digestible and create incredible energy in the body and mind.  I have been growing and consuming these beautiful alive plants for many years and I can teach you how to simply grow them! 

My approach is to keep your plan manageable & easy for you to succeed.  Each plan is tailored for you.  I work hard to educate you on the benefits of high nutrient dense live food, gluten-free lifestyles and how food can aid in healing and reversing disease

Are you ready to Clean Your Soul's Container & Experience a New You?

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