Kathleen Reffett, Energy Practitioner

I had the privilege and joy of receiving a session with Kathleen Reffett two days ago and am experiencing tangible benefits already.  Actually, they began the moment the session commenced as the high frequency energies, full of pure love descended within and around me. I experienced my heart opening wider as it became evident that different parts of 'me' were being flooded with very high vibrations.  I felt myself lighter and lighter and began to feel ethereal. I was definitely in an altered state for the duration of the session.

Areas of my body where there had been emotional injury filled with these vibrations and today I experience a fuller acceptance within, peaceful and joy-filled.  I connected with the soul of my unborn child and continue to feel some communication and an awareness of flowing love.

After the session, I wrote for a short while, then lay down and immediately fell asleep for 1 1/ 2 hours.  Upon awakening, I experienced high vibrations surrounding me within and without, with awesome loving energy.  The name of a friend came to me right away and  with it.  the motivation to write a needed letter that heretofore would have been difficult. But the words just flowed in a loving way and I felt as though a heavy load had been lifted after it was finished.

 During the session, I also received an acknowledgement regarding the whole of my life in a specific way that provided such beautiful reflection for me and which no one has ever 'given' to me before.  Clearly, I was 'seen' and for this, I am in deep Gratitude.

 Kathleen is a vessel, in my experience, for potential miracles and extremely high vibrations that are clarifying, clearing, healing, undergirding, and beyond words beneficial.

 I highly recommend her work to anyone who is open to transformation on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in their life.

 Arielle Noble; Asheville NC

 If you are interested in pursuing a possible session with Kathleen, here is her contact information.:  Kathleen Reffett      941-539-9878      organicblending@gmail.com

Thank you for that amazing session yesterday afternoon.  I had amazing energy until 2 o'clock this AM and felt this overwhelming sense of peace.  I was wide awake at 6 AM this morning and feeling very rested.  I would love to make another appointment!

Jewell C. Sarasota Florida

I would like to share with you my experience working with Kathleen....
The day I had my first session with Kathleen was my first anniversary post chemotherapy. Her insight helped me understand my Cancer, that it was generations old and I am here to clear it for my future generations. That day I processed a lot and was a bit grumpy and weepy. When I awoke the next morning, I felt happier, lighter, no more anxiety ( big issue with me). Just calm. My deep feelings of unworthiness seemed to not exist. I feel now I can finally Love myself the way I was meant to.
Thank you Kathleen for sharing your gift with me and others. You're a true Blessing in my life
In Gratitude and Love
Jenny Hatcher; Asheville NC

 I can only hope that this short statement even remotely conveys the joy I feel today that you put me back on the path. Many blessings and well-wishes.

I was introduced to Kathleen several years ago when she gave me my first experience with energetic healing. After that day, I had a new appreciation for what it meant to be a healer. If any one person could fit such a title it is Kathleen Reffett. Never in the time that I have been immersed in this world have I ever seen such an elegant portrayal of the energy aspect of healing as I have with her. 

 I study a mixture of traditional and contemporary Chinese Medicine. When I began down my own road to be a healer, I was waylaid by a relatively serious viral illness. Though the fever broke, I was never really well again. I suffered from chronic headaches, fatigue, poor memory/ concentration, and more recently very disruptive myoclonia for which there was a diagnosis, but very little in the way of therapy. We just couldn't figure out what was wrong.

 Kathleen took me in for one session, and from the very moment I saw her warm smile I felt uplifted.  I cannot explain exactly the nature of her truly amazing gift, though I will testify that today, for the first time in almost two years, I feel like myself again. Kathleen did that for me, and to her I am eternally grateful. I would absolutely recommend those with debilitating  chronic symptoms often associated with a traumatic illness to seek for themselves the amazing potential of energetic healing. I can only say it changed my outlook on the world around us, and if you seek the healing energies of that horizon you can truly do no better than to seek Kathleen Reffett out for her extraordinary abilities. 

E. R., Chinese Medicine Student

 Gainesville, FL

I had a session with Kathleen over a year ago. My childhood was deeply traumatic. I lived with a raging alcoholic father.

 I came to Kathleen through a referral of a dear friend. I had this deep inner knowing something was hidden tightly comfortably away. Until this time I had years of professional therapy. After one session she identified these childhood traumas and gracefully dissolved them. My PTSD, depression, and abandonment issues were identified and I am living a balanced normal life. I am forever grateful for her gift. It is accessible and she gives with such an open heart. Loving life again in peace.

 Sincerely,   Jessica Stone    Tallahassee, Florida

I am truly blessed to have had a session with Kathleen.  I practice psychotherapy and have done considerable personal work over the years which has helped me tremendously, but there were still issues showing up in my daily life that I could not clear.  Kathleen's ability to tap into my very early traumas and transmit healing energy to release the hold that these traumas had on my nervous system was remarkable.  Her work is non traditional for sure but very powerful and non threatening.  My session left me feeling calm, clear and peaceful.
Gail, Ontario, Canada


Wow, where to start?  First I want to thank you for being who you are and sharing all of your knowledge and gifts with those around you. 

From as far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a thirst for knowledge and a desire to continuously work on self-improvement. There’s no doubt I’m a thinker and a doer. Everyone has their story, but I wanted to share that you have healed and shifted my life to a whole new level – and quickly. I have seen and learned from amazing energy workers over the last 10 years, but you Kathleen, are beyond what any of “us” can fully comprehend. You not only peel away layers, but you do it in the time it takes me to go for lunch! And the extra bonus is that it is intense, but completely painless. I have spent hours, months and years working on my issues – physically, emotionally & spiritually. I have received answers from intuitives, spirit guides, books, workshops and within myself but… and this is a big ‘but’: I had not got to the root cause, which means I was never fully and completely healed. We know traumas and memories are stored in our cells, but what I had not realized is the work I was doing could only get me so far in my healing process. I needed to get to my core, to the very specific root problem. And I did – when I met you and had my first session.

The intensity of energy, the amount of toxic “stuff” that came out was jaw dropping – some of which came from past lives (who knew!) and my own karma. My fears, my relationship issues and my anxieties all began to dissipate… and FAST.

I will never forget going into an interview for a job that was three levels above me a week after our session. I was so programmed to calming myself down in anxiety producing situations that I was actually wondering what was going on with me when I realized my breath was normal, my heart rate was good, my hands weren’t shaking and I wasn’t having to do affirmations the whole way there to boost my confidence! I walked
into that
interview a different person. I felt worthy enough to be there & to be considered. I didn’t question why they would want “me”. What a great way to live! That same week I had an oncologist follow up because of some cellular changes in my body. I went in accepting I will likely need surgery to remove the cancerous and growing cells. But guess who walked out with a huge grin on her face and left an Oncologist completely puzzled? Me. No surgery and no cancerous cells. All of this to say that your level of consciousness and healing are a catalyst to miracles. Your gifts are beyond comprehension for my analytical
brain, but so very real.

I am so grateful for having met someone who not only identifies areas that need attention but gets to the root AND heals them as well. Your healing power can only experienced to be fully understood. I will always be thankful for the major shifts in my life and my energy because of you. And I also have to say your ability to communicate your knowledge of the Divine is another blessing. It’s refreshing to learn about your processes and knowledge on a level that the average person can understand!

I look forward to peeling away more layers with you in the future as I continue to progress into my life long journey. I am definitely recommending a session to everyone I know who is ready to access and experience a shift – and anyone ready to live their life to its absolute fullest potential.

Thank you!

Danielle, Toronto, Canada       Marketing


I wanted to express how grateful I am at the timing of your presence in my life. Our phone session last week has facilitated a tremendous opening and healing of my entire being. You beautifully connect and hold the divine space of Divine Grace which allowed me to go deeply into areas I have not been willing to go into previously. The magnitude of the awareness I received and the healing and shifts that have followed are life altering. I have released lifetimes of lies and dysfunction and am more aligned with the truth of my soul.

You have a precious way of creating a sense of safety and encouragement, promoting deep inner reflection and allowance of what is discovered. With your sincere and humble heart and ability to bring forth truth for the Highest Good of your clients, you are a much needed gift to the individual, as well as the collective. I look forward to future life expanding sessions with you.

With love, light, and gratitude,
Forever changed,
Renee Phoenix, AZ     Wellness Consultant & Therapist

My childhood was suppressed by many traumatic events. I was raped by knifepoint at 16 and these images have haunted me through out my life. Kathleen's kind open gentle words opened my heart in such a way that is was indescribable. I met Kathleen while visiting in Sedona. What a blessing to meet her in person and allow her to do a session for me. Words could not describe the gifts and powerful energies that are transmitted through her as a vessel of Spirit. She dissolved the nature of this trauma and explained in in such a way my forgiveness over flowed into gratitude! Greatness and Peace are her greatest gifts. She healed my broken heart. I live today in fullness and have a peaceful life with a family of my own. I will be ever grateful to her.

In love and peace,

Susie xo. P. Sedona AZ. 2012

I met Kathleen while visiting Sedona Az. It was a coincidence that we just bumped into one another. After a short introduction we were as friends from lifetimes.

I received a energy transmission from Kathleen that brought to my awareness many Unconscious areas of my life that were holding me back professionally.

She is exquisite in nature and so full of pure love. My dreams and reality shifted Into the greatest health one could imagine! She sends me love via the airway and we are still in touch. Many blessing to all who cross her path.

Peace and Light,

Sylvia Dearing. Sydney, Australia

Let me begin this testimonial by saying that my introduction to Kathleen’s gifts was offered to my daughter and I by what I can only say as Divine Intervention.  My daughter and I were on vacation in Sedona, AZ and had scheduled a Vortex Tour with a very enlightened guide.  We were to meet him at his home and depart from there.  Well, I was quite surprised when I rang the bell, and I was greeted by a very warm and kind woman.  She introduced herself as Kathleen and welcomed us in.  We were directed by our guide to take turns on a sofa that was placed in an area where the energy was extremely strong.  I rested on this sofa for several minutes and felt an incredible surge of divine energy flowing through me. 

Kathleen then sat with me, and this energy increased tremendously.  We spoke for a few minutes as she held my hand.  There was such an intense feeling of peace and love flowing from her to me.  She was so giving and accepting, and I felt I was in the presence of a very special being.  My daughter then took my place on the sofa, and Kathleen once again sat down and spoke with her.  I do not know what was discussed but I will tell you that an instant healing took place.  My daughter was complaining about her wisdom tooth during our trip, and she was very concerned because the pain was increasing every day. 

Well, after Kathleen sat with her for a few minutes, my daughter arose and came to me to tell me that her pain had completely disappeared.  It is several months later as I write this testimonial, and her pain has not returned.  Before my daughter and I left with our guide for the Vortex tour, I had scheduled a healing session with Kathleen for the following morning.As I sit here today, I am still amazed by the power of Kathleen and her gift to heal.  I truly believe she has a direct connection with the Divine as my healing session that morning was the most intense healing I have ever experienced.  The emotional pain that has been trapped within me for so many years was released that morning.  I could not stop crying for the release was so strong.  Kathleen held me with such love and understanding, and she did not let me go until I had calmed.  I felt the presence of Divine Love during this time – completely surrounded by it and filled within.  I have never experienced this before.  

I have always felt a Divine connection but have never allowed myself to feel this intense love due to my pain and fear.  Kathleen gave me the gift to truly feel it, and I will never forget this for the remainder of my time on this Earth.   I know deep within my soul that Kathleen has been given her gift to allow others to feel Divine Love and experience Divine Healing. 

She is truly an incredible being, and I am so thankful and feel so blessed that my daughter and I were chosen to experience the Divine Power through Kathleen.  In these troubled times, I truly believe we have been sent an Angel to spread this love so we can all heal and become one with the Divine, and Kathleen is this Angel.  
Kathleen is a miracle worker!  Her abilities have proven far superior to those of all the therapist and doctors I have worked with in the past. She is able to get to the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.
In just one session with Kathleen, she helped me bring trapped emotions to the surface to be released, something a half dozen psychotherapists attempted (unsuccessfully) for over a decade.
By releasing the emotions, I experienced overnight relief from a large ovarian cyst that had been causing tremendous pain.  Western medicine has two basic treatment options for ovarian cysts, one is dealing with the pain until the cyst resolves (which can take several weeks) or surgery to remove the cyst.
Kathleen's energy work saved me from weeks of pain and/or the expense of surgery.  I cannot thank her enough and I will be sure to continue to work with her on a regular basis.
Danielle   Flagstaff, AZ     Women's Health & Wellness Consultant
Kathleen is a an extremely compassionate and nurturing healer and she connects up to the highest sources for the good of all. She has a very open heart and a very clear idea of how she can help the people who find themselves attracted to her loving presence. Her insights come from having very clear connections to her guides and to All That Is, and from all of this comes her healing gifts.

Those who have the good fortune to be with Kathleen feel her love and generosity of spirit. Her own experiences in life give her the understanding and wisdom to know how to help people on many levels, from the physical through beautiful nutrition and healing, through help with emotional and mental issues, and on up to spiritual upliftment, guidance, healing and peace.

Pauline   Germany     Publishing Editor
I met Kathleen at a Yoga retreat in Sedona, AZ.  We had a private session in the evening outdoors.  The sky was full of stars as we began.  Kathleen placed her hands on my head and immediately she asked me about a car accident I recently had, in which my 16 year old daughter was killed instantly.  She described the coma I was in for over 30 days and when I awoke I had to relearn all life skills.  I suffered loss of my best friend, my daughter, which Kathleen brought through in a beautiful, gentle, compassionate way. It started raining above us, no where else.  I then began to cry.  I had never cried a tear of grief  until this moment.  The grieving has begun.  To be able to hear a message from my daughter after such loss is indescribable.  It has been several years since my head trauma and my life skills are returning in the most miraculous ways.  Kathleen is grace and an exceptional compassionate healer.  I am forever grateful for her gifts to me.  I know my daughter is safe and that brought me great peace.  I love you Kathleen.  Thank you for opening my heart to feel love again.
DeeDee  New Hampshire

  There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the magnificence of Kathleen over the last year.  This remarkable women has helped me with daily struggles as my friend, my medical intuitive, my business advisor, and relationship guru. Allow to balance, heal and guide myself to a better understanding.  Kathleen"s accuracy has been 100% on point every single time.  After my session with Kathleen, my physical pain was released.  She has told me the names of future  businesses that I would work with, which did indeed happen.

No matter how many times I have had sessions with Kathleen, I am always amazed at the power of her energy, presence & intuition.  Her connection with the divine & heavenly realms simply leave me in awe.  The grace that pours through Kathleen is powerful.

Kathleen is kind, compassionate, loving, and thoughtful.  She gets to the root core issues that limit you in the moment.

After a session with Kathleen I feel completely transformed, healed, and empowered with the knowledge of how to heal myself.

All my love,
Rebecca  Orlando, FL     Zenergy Consultant
I met Kathleen while on vacation in Sedona.  She was participating at a Metaphysical Fair.  I was with my 12 year old daughter.  My daughter insisted on a session with Kathleen.  Within 5 minutes Kathleen described a childhood trauma in detail to the color of pajamas my daughter wore at the age of 2.  My daughter fell down the stairs at the age of 2 and hit the back of her head.  She has always been fearful of taking tests as she grew older in school.  Kathleen explained due to the result of the head trauma there was stored memory in the cerebellum.  My daughter had a peaceful session and saw angels, and to this day she has no more fear of taking tests.  Her creativity has opened and she is a healthy, whole child again. Kathleen's gifts are magnificent.  She is gifted beyond this lifetime.

MaryJoe  Medical Consultant


What can I say about Kathleen Marie? To know Kathleen, is a blessing in and of itself. She's a little package with a great big surprise in the center! It's like a little firecracker that transforms the night sky with a dazzling display of light and colors. The 4th of July cannot compare! When you are ready to transform yourself (consciously or unconsciously), this woman is able to hold sacred space for you - a safe harbor to meet yourself, heal yourself and take back you power. I can say this from personal experience.

I recently had a severe surgery which left me in trauma feeling devastated and in fear. If I had chosen, it could have made my exit from this planet. Having a phone session with Kathleen in which she held a space of grace for me allowed me to work at a deep level and a high vibration for clearing, releasing and dissolving enormous grief. Kathleen's clarity allows her to see the core issues and assist in calling in the highest vibrational help from All That Is. Having her share what she sees and hears during the session, helped me while going through the process necessary to bring forth my own truth and healing. To be held in the purest expression of love from All That Is and the Universe, words are completely inadequate. Working with Kathleen is life changing. I had a personal experience which allowed me to truly know I AM connected with all that is God. I know my soul called for this and I'm so glad I listened. I am grateful Kathleen is present to be who she is.

Thank you, Kathleen. I love you, dear friend.

Eve Adam, Independence, MO - Soul Melodies (Songs of the Soul)